How Many of You Own a Phablet?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Phablets seem to be winning the device category war that's going on right now, at least in Asia. More phablets are being sold than both laptops and tablets combined, which begs the question: How many phablets are in the hands of Brits? And would you really buy one instead of a laptop?

The new figures out of IDC show 25.2m phablets sold in the Asia-Pacific region, which excludes Japan, besting both the 12.6m tablets and 12.7m laptops shipped in the last year. It's no wonder more and more phablets and massive phones are being spewed onto the market by anyone and everyone who can make them. We knew phablets like the Note were popular, but more popular than tablets and laptops combined? That's insane.

Of course, Samsung's Galaxy Note line is the current king of the phablets. At least they're actually pocketable, if only in trousers with big pockets, unlike Sony's beastly Xperia Z Ultra.

How many Giz UKers have a phablet in their possession, or any phone bigger than 5-inches for that matter? [The Guardian]