Humble Indie Bundle 9 Is Your Cheap Indie PC Gaming Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

It's that time again, when a great bunch of games is bundled together and offered to you, the hungry gamer, on a 'pay what you want' basis. Essentially, it's like Christmas, but coming a few times a year.

This time, it's the Humble Indie Bundle 9, and the line-up comprises of Trine 2 Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta and Brutal Legend. Beat the average price and you'll get Faster Than Light and FEZ chucked into the mix as well. Better still, they're cross-platform and will play on PC, Mac and Linux machines. Even better still, some of your money will go to charity if you so wish. Strike what we said earlier, it knocks Christmas into a cocked hat.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Sherlock (BBC, complete series 1-2, Blu-ray) -- only £12.50.
- Assassin's Creed Liberation (PS Vita) -- yours for £12.99.
- PS4 (in stock for release date & bundles) -- prices from £349.99.
- Splinter Cell: Blacklist (PS3/PC/Xbox 360, includes Upper Echelon Edition) -- £24.99.
- Xbox Live 1200 points -- yours for £7.85.

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