Humourless Carpet Maker Sues Over Amazing Floor Camouflage Cosplay

By Gary Cutlack on at

Guess what? People who design carpet patterns are really protective of their intellectual property on the internet too, as the maker of the above (amazing) carpet-inspired cosplay costume discovered to his cost.

The costume was created by Volpin Props, an independent design company that specialises in custom build replicas and the odd costume. For reasons we can't entirely understand*, it created that awesome carpet cosplay costume, based around the floor covering design that features in the Marriott Marquis hotel in Atlanta.

The problem came when Volpin put its version of the fabric up for sale on custom fabric shop Spoonflower for others to buy and create their own carpet costume, which triggered a cease and desist letter from Courtisan Inc, the designer of the hotel carpet. [Volpin Props via io9]

*We couldn't resist doing a bit of research. It's an in-joke for cosplayers attending the Dragon Con event. The event's held in that hotel. With that carpet. Imagine how heroic those people feel wearing that.