I Would Totally Freak Out If I Saw This Man Flying on a Broom

By Casey Chan on at

For a second, I was stunned that a flying broom can lift a human into the air. Then I realised how silly I am. Then I secretly wished it were true that people could fly on brooms. Then I swore that some angles of the video looked real. I realised that it's just a super slick RC plane created to look like a man flying on a broom. Still. I want to believe that people can fly.

The RC Broom Flyer Witch Warlock was designed by Otto Dieffenbach, a guy who specialises in making things, Iron Man, Superman, girls in bikinis, etc., look like they can fly. Come on, if I saw this in real life, I'd probably get so excited. [Otto Dieffenbach via The Awesomer]