iPhone 5S and 5C On Sale Now

By Kat Hannaford on at

Apple's two newest offspring have just slid from Cupertino's loins, and are now on sale as of 8am this morning. In case you blocked the eye-watering prices from your memory, the 5C costs from £469; the 5S from £549 (both for the 16GB model, and SIM-free).

Here's what we know about networks' prices (and stock levels).



O2′s prices start at £120 upfront on a 24-month contract at £37/month for the 16GB 5S model. Ouch. And that’s not even 4G — that’ll cost £47/month for 5GB of data.

However, as the network failed Apple’s stringent mobile tests, there’s going to be a delay between the launch of the two new phones on 4G contracts and them...actually working on 4G. To tide customers over until 4G is working on those new iPhones, the network is offering a £5 compensation for the first month.

Stock levels are so low at O2 that it will only be available to those who pre-ordered -- meaning, if you were hoping to pop into a store over the weekend, you're outta luck. If you order in-store, online or on-phone, the wait is said to be three to six weeks.

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EE (and Orange and T-Mobile)

The 16GB iPhone 5S can be had on three 4G plans from EE, costing £36, £41 and £46 a month, with each of those coming with respective upfront fees of £149, £99 and £49. The 32GB and 64GB versions of the phone come with the same monthly fees and allowances, with the upfront costs for the hardware increased and ranging between £149 and £349.

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Vodafone's cheapest offer is a 24-month contract at £47/month, with 6GB of data (plus Sky Sports and Spotify Premium, for six months). However, that doesn't come without an upfront fee for the iPhones, starting from £79 for the 16GB model and ranging to a huge £229 for the 64GB one.

They'll also be available on Vodafone's 4G networks, either on 12 or 24 month contracts, or SIM-only.

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If you take the cheapest 16GB iPhone 5S, an £99 upfront fee applies, plus the entry level £37 a month contract gets you 500 calling minutes, 5,000 SMS messages and the company’s amazingly popular unlimited mobile data allowance.

If you want to upgrade that to the network’s One Plan, a £41 monthly fee then gives you a stonking 2,000 minutes in addition to the unlimited data and 5,000 text messages.

The 32GB iPhone 5S is £42 and £46 on those same contract options, while the 64GB model rises to £47 and £51. Both these larger models also come with the £99 upfront fee.

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