It's OK, the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Won't Work With Cut-Off Fingers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The jokers of the internet have had their fun ruined by some annoying facts, which suggest the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that comes with the iPhone 5S will only work with living fingers attached to their owners. So unless a phone thief also steals your DNA and clones you, your sexy texts ought to be safe.

The boring fact comes via a Cite World piece on the endlessly fascinating world of the modern biometric input tool, which says Apple's Touch ID system -- invented by Authentec -- doesn't solely rely upon capturing the surface textures of the skin. It penetrates into the living layer of meat beneath the print ridges using an RF signal, so shouldn't work with the cold fingers of the dead.

Plus you don't have to "wipe" your finger over the scanner as with last-generation laptop scanners; it's enough to just press it like a button. Like magic, as Mr Jobs would've said. [Cite World via Redmond Pie]