It's What's Inside the Xperia Z1 That Counts

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It's all very well having a smartphone that looks the part and is all thin and big and very nice to stroke, but what really matters these days is the power contained within. When it comes to performance, Sony's new mobile ought to provide more than enough oomph for even the most power-crazed owner.

The brain of the Xperia Z1 comes from mobile processor specialist Qualcomm, a company that's been providing the internals for most of the top smartphones for many years. The Xperia Z1 runs on the company's latest 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset, which, for those not obsessed with mobile processor developments, is currently considered the best-performing option out there today. When it comes to gaming and general speed of use, the Z1's going to be an extremely capable device.

Qualcomm's mobile hardware is also compatible with the new 4G LTE mobile standards, meaning more choice when it comes to choosing your SIM card -- and access to the new range of super-fast mobile networks that are popping up around the UK.

The other key component that affects how a smartphone operates and feels today is the amount of RAM the maker puts inside it. This working memory has a direct impact on how smooth a phone or tablet feels in use, as more RAM means more apps and games can be stored in the thing's memory simultaneously, leading to an all-round faster and more responsive experience.

The Xperia Z1 comes with 2GB of RAM, which is a very big chunk and one that's equal to that offered by most other high-end smartphones today. The main benefit of this is that apps can stay open in the memory when you switch between them, so they don't have to keep opening and closing all the time. So everything's smoother and quicker, and you can bounce between Twitter and Facebook all day with ease.

Two of the smartphone world's key emerging technologies are also built into the Z1, with the phone featuring NFC and Miracast compatibility. NFC is the new contactless communication system that lets you tap your way around the world without using cash, a bit like the Queen. It also opens up use of the phone with separate NFC tags, which allow automation options and can be used to launch apps on your phone with One-touch.

One-touch mirroring makes it easy to bung media from one device to another, In the Xperia Z1 Miracast means it's dead simple to display content from your phone on your TV, adding the option to "mirror" exactly what you see on your phone on your big television.

And to keep this hardware all safe and protect your fairly sizeable investment, the Xperia Z1 has been built to comply with the IP55 and IP58 toughness standards. These guarantee the phone meets a certain level of dust and water resistance, so there's no need to treat it like it'll break any time you dare take it out of its box. Because it won't.