Japanese Man Queuing for iPhone Looks Sad, Bored and Lonely Already

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Japanese guy is already in the line for one of those new iPhone things, camping out alone on a pavement outside his nearest Apple Store with only his selection of gadgets and the odd intrigued local news crew for company.

The chap's talking about his experiences on Twitter too, telling his followers: "I'm lined up at the Ginza Apple Store where the new iPhone 5S launches in ten days. This might be tough." The next nine days, once all of his batteries have died and it's nine days closer to winter, may be a little tougher.

Photos he's tweeted so far include him sitting there on his own, a few other people waving their iPhones at him and one where he appears to be talking to a TV news crew. If nothing else, he might gain a few extra Twitter followers from his endurance queueing feat. [Twitter via Kotaku]