Jurassic World Added to 2015's Staggering Summer Blockbuster Line-up

By Gary Cutlack on at

2015 might be the best ever year for big-budget blockbusters, thanks to Universal revealing that its Jurassic World dino romp is scheduled to appear that summer. So that's Jurassic Park IV, Batman vs. Superman, Independence Day 2 and Star Wars VII going head-to-head in 2015. Most people might go crazy and watch all four.

As for Jurassic Park, the current script is said to revolve around a new dino attraction being built on the same old island, which, given Hollywood's current love of continuously rebooting and remaking every half-decent idea it has, suggests Jurassic World is more likely to be a standalone reworking of the first film than a sequel of any sorts.

Plus in good news for those still cradling a pair of 3D glasses, Universal says this one will be shot in three-dimensions. Let's hope they get the science bit right this time. And fix the plot. [Total Film]