Thankfully This Kid's Plastic Trike Motorway Drive Didn't Go Full Road Rash

By Gary Cutlack on at

An eight-year-old adrenaline junky was filmed riding his plastic three-wheeler down a busy motorway, as cars swerved to avoid the joyriding youngster.

The footage comes from New Town, in Rio de Janeiro. The clip shows that once he's been down the sloping death run the first time he turns around and has another go at it, so it must've been fun for the fearless stunt rider. Motorways do tend to have lovely smooth surfaces. It would've been great rolling along that if you've been previously confined to rough, flat pavements.

And he did live through it all, so it's OK to watch and laugh. Social services are said to be talking to his parents, though, and the idiot driver who tries to run him off the road at the 40 second mark needs also tracking down and talking to with a stick. [YouTube via Metro]