Kindly Vicar Swaps Wine for Grape Juice to Make Alcoholics Welcome

By Gary Cutlack on at

A considerate local vicar has risked incurring the wrath of God for daring to alter the communion ritual, by offering grape juice instead of wine so the alcoholics in his congregation don't feel left out of the church's free food and drink ritual.

The Reverend Paul Filmer took the decision, opting to offer all 70 of his regulars at the St Peter and St Paul Church in Yalding, Kent, the grape juice option instead of the usual holy wine, explaining that: "I didn't feel like it was fair that some of our congregation may feel excluded from everybody else. The feedback has been positive so far. People feel like they are doing something to help others."

If he really wants to keep people happy, perhaps swapping the boring bread element of the communion for something more modern like a Lion bar or Greggs sausage roll might be the next move? [Telegraph]