Lamborghini Chopped in Half in Bizarre Road Accident

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rich man's £250k Lamborghini Aventador is no more, after what appears to have been a relatively minor road accident led to the car slicing itself in half.

The Aventador was hit by a generic family saloon that was turning across the road without really looking, clipping its rear end and forcing the Lambo to fishtail into a wall. The wall impact sheared the car in half, which, apparently, is a safety feature designed to help keep the driver safe by dissipating some of the energy in the event of a smash.

Which is very clever of it, but imagine how gutted you'd be seeing your flash car literally broken in half from an accident you can walk away from. It's going to take many, many tubes of fibreglass filler to get this back on the road. [YouTube via Jalopnik]