Lenovo's Tablets are Primed and Ready For Both Work and Play

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While the phrase "post-PC" might feel like a cold hand gripping your work-efficient heart, for many people the option of a life lived purely by tablet means a life not bound by a desk and cords. Tablets, such as those in Lenovo's latest range, can now have you working as hard as you play. And yes, if you pine after good posture, you can still connect a keyboard for the ultimate work machine.

With the arrival of touchscreen panels, tablets suddenly become more usable and portable. Lenovo's Miix, which runs on Windows 8 and has all the same programs and abilities you'd expect on a Microsoft laptop or PC, also comes with an option keyboard cover which had a TechRadar reviewer claiming they "could use it for hours on end and be totally comfortable."

If you've not yet used it, Windows 8's modern interface makes even the most mundane of work chores an easy and visual experience, but when it's time to down tools, the tablet really comes into its own when viewing media -- whether it's by looking at photos on the train home, watching a movie in bed, or playing the latest games while laid up on the sofa.

At 10.1-inches, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 also runs on Windows 8, but has the kind of security options that'll raise a smile even on the surliest of IT managers' faces. With an optional Bluetooth keyboard and ThinkPad digitizer pen, the ability to trick it out further is also on offer, not least of all thanks to the full-size USB port which isn't something you find on the average tablet. That means external USB drives, monitors, cameras and even printers are capable of being connected.

Smaller in stature is the 7-inch Lenovo A3000, which despite its diminutive size, is still powerful enough for both work and after-hours' fun. Running on Android, there are thousands of apps and games ready to be downloaded, not to mention the latest movies and TV shows.

With all these tablets offering enough tantalising grunt for both work and play, don't blame us if you find you just can't switch off.

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