LG's G2: A Button-Bootied Super-Screen of a Phone

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While most of their rivals are busy shucking buttons off their bodies, it's reassuring that LG's not only sticking with physical flicks, but also getting a little creative with their placement, too. Cue the G2 smartphone, where the only buttons on the phone sit on the back below the camera lens, helping cater to both north and southpaws.

It's a big 'un, at 5.2-inches for its full HD screen, which is primed to show off photos snapped using the 13MP camera. A camera you can use all day and night, thanks to the 3,000mAh battery, which doesn't bulk the phone's body out too much, given it's just 8.9mm thick.

For a closer look at this glossy plastic paw-prince, check out the video above.