London's 4G Data Speeds Max Out at a Whopping 79.1Mb via EE

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats covering the newly deployed 4G networks in London have given us a look at the highs and average speeds customers with posh new phones and contracts are experiencing, with EE winning the war with an astonishing peak download speed of 79.1Mb/sec. On a bloody telephone.

The data comes from mobile analyst RootMetrics, which tracked the mobile connections of some 11,000 users within the M25. Early LTE launcher EE was unsurprisingly the winner in both the highest max (79.1Mb) and highest average (29.6Mb) 4G connection speed, with newcomer O2 peaking at  65.8Mb and Vodafone managing a max recorded connection of 57.7Mb on their new 4G systems. [The Register]