Man With Deathwish Spends £90 Building "McEverything" Burger Combo

By Gary Cutlack on at

That amazing greasy Scooby snack there is the McEverything, the creation of a food blogger who decided to blow $140 on building the ultimate McDonalds.

Nick from Dude Foods spent a total of $140.33 on all of the 43 separate food items on sale at his local McEatery, assembling the lot into one enormous combo meat bucket.

To ensure he was able to beat the system by combining items from both the breakfast and lunch menus, Nick began his epic ordering quest 30 minutes before the contentious breakfast serving ban came into force, allowing staff time to cook his glorious breakfast before serving him the lunch items to add to the stack.

He skewered it together with sticks, but some of it still fell on the floor during the build process, but that's not putting him off eating it, as he revealed in a follow-up comment: "I've been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days now." [Dude Foods via Gawker]