Ministry of Sound Sues Spotify Over Compilation Album-Cloning Playlists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mainstream dance music behemoth the Ministry of Sound is taking legal action against streaming service Spotify, claiming the creation of playlists by users that clone its compilation albums amounts to copyright infringement.

The Ministry of Sound says it's been asking Spotify to remove some DIY compilation playlists since 2012, but has come up against "a brick wall" in terms of negotiating any sort of truce. Presumably because playlists are such an integral part of the Spotify experience that removing them in any form pretty much nukes the core concept of the service.

While Spotify has separately acquired the rights to play most of the tracks featured in the playlists, the High Court will be asked to judge whether the art of creating a compilation and the specific tracklisting therein is something that can be copyrighted. The MoS says yes and can Spotify make stop it happening. [Guardian]