Modern Safety Demands Have Forced the Demise of the Classic VW Camper

By Gary Cutlack on at

Shock number one is they're still making VW camper vans in something close to the original T2 design style in Brazil, which is a nice thing to know. Shock number two, though, is that modern safety laws are about to close the production lines for good.

The campers, which have been built to the same template for some 56 years, are due to be forced out of production due to modern vehicle manufacturing rules. Anti-lock brakes and air-bags are now compulsory safety features in all cars, with the current camper producer claiming it either can't afford to, or doesn't want to, amend its production lines to add in the new safety equipment.

So it's the end of an era for one of the world's most iconic motor designs, with lines scheduled to stop knocking them out at the end of this year. [Euronews]

Image credit: VW camper from Shutterstock