Most Candy Crush Players Have Tirelessly Ground Their Way Through It Without Paying

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats from the developer of social game phenomenon Candy Crush Saga reveal that it perhaps isn't the shameless money-machine most think, with around 70 per cent of players doing it the hard and extremely boring way without paying to progress.

The stats come from King developer boss Tommy Palm, who claimed that: "70 per cent of the people on the last level haven't paid anything. It's designed so you can complete the game." Palm added that: "...we do not differentiate between people who pay and people who don't: we just see them as players, and optimise in making sure the game is really fun. So far, that's been a great strategy for us."

And with 700m plays a day on mobile devices and an income that's said to number in the hundreds of thousands of pounds per day, he's not wrong. [Guardian]