Netflix is Screening Twitter for Breaking Bad Spoilers on Your Behalf

By Gary Cutlack on at

Netflix has launched a Twitter filter it calls the Spoiler Foiler, a site designed to redact all references to Breaking Bad ahead of its grand finale. If your viewing of the cult crime show is lagging and you're not part of the Sunday night illegal live stream crowd or the Monday torrenting/Netflix army, it might help.

Once signed in you get your usual Twitter feed, only with all obvious Breaking Bad references blacked out. Although if you want to read your replies or do anything other than scroll down through tweets, you have to open the full client and take the risk of inadvertently finding out that Skyler gets off with Jesse and they escape to a life of luxury in the Maldives while Walt returns to his true calling as a humble car valet at the end of it all. [Spoiler Foiler]