Netflix Super HD Streams Launch Just in Time for Breaking Bad Finale

By Gerald Lynch on at

Can't wait to find out what the (inevitably gruesome) conclusion to Breaking Bad is going to be this Sunday night? If you're a Netflix subscriber, you'll now be able to enjoy all the drug-fuelled bloodshed in pin-sharp high definition, with the streaming service announcing the global roll-out of "Super HD" streams. And that includes to UK viewers too.

While still subject to some compression (Blu-ray fans will still be able to justify arguments that it's the visually-superior format), Super HD streams won't tone down the detail quite as much as Netflix's current 1080p output does. The streams first went into testing back in January on select ISPs with a direct connection to the Netflix servers, and while not all shows and movies will get the upgrade, at least those that do will now be available to all subscribers no matter what their internet service providers may be. [Netflix]