New iPhones Arriving in the UK on September 20th... and September 27th?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's an exciting new avenue to pursue for tech leaks -- courier firms. Apparently Apple's UK delivery drivers have been told to prepare for two weeks of big deliveries, with a batch of new hardware hitting on September 20th and another arriving a week later on the 27th.

This comes from the Telegraph, which claims that "sources close to people involved in the courier industry" (truck drivers gossiping while out dogging?) have been boasting of a two-pronged Apple hardware launch campaign, with September 20th the initial launch date then more coming the following week.

However, as the Telegraph man also hedges in paragraph three, this may mean Apple's struggling to build up an ample amount of product to supply the rabid world. It may be planning a limited initial launch followed by a second batch the week after. Or it may mean a week's head-start for the iPhone 5S to encourage people to spend the big money before the cheap one arrives. We'll find out for sure on Apple Day, September 10th. [Telegraph]