New Nexus 7 Owners Still Noticing Touch Problems After Apparent "Fix" Update

By Gary Cutlack on at

Complaints from early adopters of the new Nexus 7 claimed the device's touchscreen was rather out of whack, with owners baffled by phantom extra presses registering while typing and making the tablet a bit of a nightmare to use. Google Issued a fix but... it doesn't seem to have fixed anything.

Users who've installed the JSS15Q patch are still filling the internet with complaints about the Nexus 7's errant touch input, suggesting it may be more of a physical problem with the Asus manufacturing or calibration systems that can't be fixed by a software update alone.

Given the new Nexus 7 has been available in the UK for a week or two now, have any of you noticed painful typing problems or any touch peculiarities? Maybe it just dislikes American fingers?  [Android Authority]