New Space Beer Is Made With Actual Moondust

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Here's a way to numb the pain of not fulfilling your astronautical dreams and do you one better in the process: Drink this beer actually made from moon dust. You'll get to gulp down real, honest to god, beer soaked moon bits and become one with the moon in the most literal sense possible.

After teaming up with ILC Dover, the company that designs and produces NASA's very own space suits, Dogfish Head Brewery got their fair share of dust made from crushed lunar rocks and steeped them in a rich, malty Oktoberfest. It doesn't just sound awesome, the dust is mostly made up of minerals and salts, so it helps in the fermentation process and actually lends to the flavour, giving it "a subtle but complex earthiness."

New Space Beer Is Made With Actual Moondust

ILC Dover didn't just stop at space beer, though. They even gave the Dogfish Head team a set of ten koozies made from the same material that they make their space suits out of. So should it somehow become possible to down a few brews in the vacuum of space, these little koozies will do just fine withstanding everything from+170/-170 C temperatures to micrometeroids going 10 miles per second to solar radiation. So yes, that Orthofabric will keep your beer very cold.

The Celest jewel- le is only being made in small batches served exclusively at the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, though. So if you're absolutely intent on pouring space beer down your throat (which you should be), better book a plane ticket now. [Dogfish via First We Feast]