Nipples, Toes and Cat Paws Can Unlock Apple's Touch ID Sensor

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bored iPhone 5S users across the world have been conducting experiments with the phone's new Touch ID sensor over the weekend, finding that it can also uniquely identify users by nipple scans, toes and even the skin on the paws of their cats.

As well as the more conventional iPhone 5S security breach discovered over the weekend, Japanese owners have discovered that the unique texture of the male nipple can also be used to ID users. Plus it appears anything with a rough skin texture can be used to unlock Apple's new phone, with a TechCrunch writer managing to convince a cat to let it have its paw scanned and used to unlock the phone.

Which can only mean that, at this precise moment it time, a man somewhere in the world is trying to lock and unlock his iPhone 5S with his penis and/or one of this testicles. We won't be embedding that clip should he be successful. [Kotaku, TechCrunch]