Nissan Builds Wearable Biometric Smartwatch to Monitor Driver Rage

By Gary Cutlack on at

Car maker Nissan has joined the burgeoning smartwatch scene, announcing that it's created a biometric reader to combine personal health stats with those of your... car. So you can track man and machine from the same device.

The Nismo Watch has been created to work in conjunction with the systems inside its sporty Nismo series cars, with the smartwatch able to display speed, fuel consumption and performance data once connected to a car's onboard computer via Bluetooth LE. It'll combine these stats with biometric data of the driver pulled out via a heart rate monitor.

There's also a rather grim social aspect to it all, with Nissan claiming the watch will also rate your "social performance" across many key social networks via a tool Nissan calls its Social Speed software -- and you will receive "tailored car messages from Nissan" while using it. The more we read, the more it sounds like a fairly redundant novelty toy for the rich.