Northampton Clown-Catcher Vigilante Promises to End Internet Clown Mystery

By Gary Cutlack on at

You may have seen the Northampton Clown terrorising the internet in the past few days... now another clown has jumped on the bandwagon, with a superhero threatening to hunt him down and squirt water in his face from a pretend flower.

A person calling himself Boris the Northampton Clown Catcher has appeared on Facebook, posting photos of himself out and about it the town wearing a purple costume, supposedly while out looking for the mysterious Northampton Clown who's been setting social media sites aflame with his random appearances for the past week.

However, it might all be one long continuation of the same joke. Commenters have noticed that the clown catcher appears to be wearing the same shoes as the clown, so it might all be one very bored man trying to engage in a battle with himself for the benefit of his own Facebook notoriety.

As for the actual clown, he says he's planning to "lay low for a bit" as a result of all the media attention his standing around in the dark has been grabbing. [Metro]