Odeon Cinema Chain Wants Multiplayer-Friendly Game Ideas for the Big Screen

By Gary Cutlack on at

Odeon's thinking very hard about ways it can keep customer numbers up now the latest attempt at reviving 3D has fizzled out, and is suggesting that some sort of mass, multiplayer mobile app or game that can be played on cinema screens might be the way forward.

The plan, which is anything but concrete at this early stage, sees Odeon asking for genius developers to submit their ideas for engaging with mobile users on cinema screens, either before films start or, if the idea really takes off, during custom gamer-only sessions organised specifically to let people mass-play on the big screen.

Odeon man Gerald Buckle, who is the film chain's digital development manager, said: "In terms of the interfaces, we like the idea of mobile phones as everybody owns a mobile phone. 70 percent of our audiences have smartphones in their pockets, so how are we going to interface with that in a nice simple fashion?"

Buckle's dreamlike vision of a possible future continued: "With one or two presses of the keypad, you're logged in, playing the game with 190-odd people in the auditorium before the show starts."

Here's an idea, Gerald. Bomberman. 200-player Bomberman on a cinema screen. That'd be an experience worth paying £4.50 for a Coke to experience. [The Inquirer]

Image credit: Cinema screen from Shutterstock