Ofcom Wants ISPs to Make Broadband Switching Quicker and Easier

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ofcom boss Ed Richards wants the UK ISPs to introduce new measures to make switching broadband provider much more straightforward, so we can enjoy flip-flopping between internet pipes with ease whenever a cheaper deal comes along.

Speaking at an industry event, Richards said: "...our research shows that consumers can’t necessarily take full advantage of the choices available to them. This is because of the difficulties they face when trying to change their provider."

Richards singled out the operators that bundle up their broadband, TV and mobile services into one deal, saying that these networks need to make it easier to move between them, and eliminate some of the confusion customers face when switching between current operators and new wireless or cable systems.

He summarised with: "The industry should work with us to remove the remaining barriers to switching and, in doing so, deliver a system that enables consumers to fully take advantage of the competitive market that they are part of."

Last month Ofcom decided that one way to make this a little easier would be by shifting the admin burden to the network the customer is moving to, doing away with one or two of the current hurdles some face when switching ISP. [Ofcom via ITPro]