Old Media Humbled by GTA V's Staggering $1bn Launch Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest GTA has once again reset the records when it comes to how much money people are willing to hand to major corporations in return for having fun, with GTA V cruising past the $1bn mark faster than any entertainment launch in history.

This means that, in just three days, GTA V has raked in the same amount of cash as the likes of The Hobbit and most of the Harry Potter films. In just three days. Mind you, if cinemas and movie studios charged £39.99 for a ticket to see a film they'd probably still be in the lead.

To put GTA's numbers into a gaming perspective, Microsoft was happy to see Halo 4 pull in $300m in that game's first week on sale late last year, a figure GTA more than doubled on its launch day alone. [Take-Two]