Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Pizza Is Now Knocking On the UK's Door

By Kat Hannaford on at

As I sit at my desk staring at my limp mackerel salad, there's little wonder that news of Pizza Hut's famous cheeseburger pizza (that'll be, err, a pizza comprised of miniature "burgers") has finally made it to our shores following a stint in the Middle East is making my ears perk up.

Starting today, the limited edition pie will be available with a mozzarella crust, for just £2.50. TWO POUNDS FIFTY. I think even my homemade mackerel salad cost more than that. The price you pay for good health, eh.

If anyone actually makes their way over to Pizza Hut and scarfs this foodmodo, please tweet us a photo at @GizmodoUK? Nothing to do with naming and shaming, honest... [MSN]

Update: Commenter Gordon4418 pointed out it's actually £2.50 extra for the cheeseburger crust -- hot damn.