Portable "Sink Plunger" CPR Machine Kept Heart Attack Victim Alive for Two Hours

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sean Doyle spent couple of hours being technically dead back in May, with only a newly commissioned automated heart massage unit affectionately referred to as a sink plunger keeping the blood flowing to his brain and hopes of recovery alive. And yes, he's fine.

The device, which costs around £8,000, is strapped to the chest of a heart attack victim, then automatically manages the pumping actions required to get the blood flowing to the brain. This buys doctors more time to diagnose and treat the condition that's causing the problem in the first place, also ensuring the rhythm and depth of press is sufficient to properly oxygenate the brain.

Sean's already back to work and is obviously rather chuffed about the new invention, saying: "Apparently I was the first person to have the CPR machine used on them and without it I could have suffered severe brain damage. It's the difference between waking up with neurological damage and waking up with all your faculties intact." [Express]