PS4 Gamers Encouraged to Use Real Names Online Instead of D3tTHBRiNGER and the Like

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's been talking a little more about how PS4 and its systems will work over at the Tokyo Game Show, revealing one big change to its online service in the way it'll encourage players to use and display their proper names.

Instead of calling yourself XxSephitrothxX, the idea is that the more casual gamer who sees a real person requesting to play and friend status might find the experience a little more welcoming. And as we've seen plenty of times on the internet at large, people usually behave significantly better when they're not shielded by the anonymity of a fake name and a Star Wars character avatar.

But it won't be compulsory or anything. The real names will be used in addition to its existing PSN ID system, so all your existing internet friends won't suddenly be shocked to discover that your MenKiller666 name is actually just a front for Ian Johnson.

In terms of hardware performance. Sony spoke a little more about PS4's architecture at its Tokyo keynote, underlining the ease of use and price friendliness of theĀ X86 CPU and GPU combo, also taking time to pat itself on the back over the decision to stick 8GB of unified RAM inside the machine. [Slashgear 1 & 2]