Qualcomm's AllPlay Might be the Android AirPlay We've Been Waiting For

By Gary Cutlack on at

There might soon be another media streaming tech spec listed on the boxes of Qualcomm-powered Android hardware, thanks to the chip specialist revealing its new AllPlay wireless music streaming format.

The concept is indeed rather identical to that offered by Apple's AirPlay system, in that it'll wirelessly and simply ping your music to any compatible speakers in the area, controlling the volume via an app too. Streaming specialist Rhapsody helped demonstrate it alongside Qualcomm, so one big music specialist is already onboard.

Not that Android really needs another streaming format, what with DLNA, Miracast, Bluetooth and more already well up for the job. What it really needs is for one to stick and dominate the rest. Qualcomm's as powerful as they come in mobile land, so this one has a good chance of taking off.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm also demonstrated a bizarre new take on NFC-like systems in the form of its Gimbal Proximity Beacon. This actually runs on Bluetooth LE, with the dongle able to track users, relay notifications to their phones and broadcast your contact details to anyone neraby. Sort of a smartbadge. [GigaOm, Techradar]