Reinvented Airless Wheel is Greener, Quieter and Just as Round

By Gary Cutlack on at

This odd round thing is the Hanook i-Flex, a new take on the car wheel and tyre combo that does away with air. Which means no more flat tyres and the people who hate you can't slash them.

The Korean company claims these new rigid tyres are better at absorbing bumps than previous airless models thanks to a geometric cell construction that acts as an integrated shock absorber, plus they're a greener method of rolling around your local streets and forecourts thanks to offering better fuel economy and being around 95 per cent recyclable.

Hanook also claims they roll quieter, but isn't saying when and where (and if) these things are likely to go on sale. More details ought to emerge after the forthcoming Frankfurt motor show, where the maker will be showing them off on a Volkswagen Up city car. [Wired]