Rockstar Cracks Down on GTA V Deliveries, Demands Nothing Goes Out Early

By Gary Cutlack on at

Retailer GAME claims shops have been warned to make sure no one gets their pre-ordered copy of GTA V before launch day, with Rockstar demanding that no discs are put in the post before September 16th -- the day before the official launch.

While that should mean that the majority of gamers still receive their copies of GTA V the next day, inevitably some who ordered online will miss out on the day-one frenzy thanks to the vagaries of the UK postal service. However, what it also means is those who were hoping to get a copy a day or two early for the benefit of boasting about it on the internet -- or flogging it on for a quick profit -- are likely to be disappointed.

And imagine how many copies are going to be posted that day. You wouldn't want to be behind the man from GAME in the queue at the post office on the 16th. [Videogamer via CVG]