Rumour: Stephen Elop's Ex Causing Nokia Compensation Blues

By Gerald Lynch on at

Stephen Elop, soon-to-be-former Nokia CEO and shoe-in to take the Microsoft top spot once Ballmer leaves, has found himself at the centre of a row concerning his compensation package from Nokia.

In Nokia's Finnish homeland, the recent Microsoft buyout has gone down like a lead balloon, and adding insult to injury is the news that Elop may take $25 million (somewhere in the region of £15.5 million) as a goodwill handshake upon leaving. With even the Finnish Prime Minister weighing in, Elop's now under pressure to take substantially less money, something that he's unlikely to do according to Helsingin Sanomat.

What appears to be at the root of the problem is Elop's upcoming divorce procedures. He may be all for taking the compensation cut (though we'd doubt that - we're talking millions here), but regardless of what his final payout ends up being, his wife will still be chasing the same figure. Though exactly how much his old flame is after remains unclear, Elop's reluctance suggests it's not pocket change. [The Verge via BGR via Helsingin Sanomat]