Rumuor: Xbox One's Halo Will be Halo 5

By Gary Cutlack on at

Xbox One's due to get an almighty second push at the end of 2014, when the machine's Halo title is set to launch. And a leaked clip from the team that put together this year's E3 teaser suggests it'll be the big, proper, full Halo 5 rather than any spin-off title.

The Halo 5 name revelation comes from an updated version of the E3 trailer that was released by Axis Animation, which stuck a new cut of the trailer on its Facebook page. And where it once said "Halo" it now says "Halo 5". Or it *said* Halo 5, as the video has now been locked. Which obviously means it's all 100 per cent true.

Of course, it might have just been the designer taking a guess at the name, but it would make sense for Microsoft to throw everything it can at Xbox One in terms of big-name games. Halo 5 is as big as it gets. [Kotaku]