Samsung's Galaxy S5 Embracing the Metal Scene?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours from the supply chain world suggest Samsung's ready to place orders for the casing of next year's Galaxy S5 flagship model, with sources suggesting it's requesting up to 30 million metal casings for 2014's launch.

A report in the Taipei Times claims the same manufacturer that builds the iPad and MacBook metal casings for Apple and shells for HTC is in line to build the Galaxy S5's exterior. From metal. Given that its reliance on lightweight plastic is one of the few moans people have about Samsung's world-crushing phone line, it must be about time it made the switch.

Ironically, the possible new metal body of the Galaxy S5 may be joined by a plastic display, should Samsung's experiment with the plastic OLED Galaxy Note III prove successful. [Taipei Times via IBTimes]

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