Samsung's Pushing OLED to UHD Extremes For the First Time Ever

By Sam Gibbs on at

Forget ordinary everyday LCD UHD TVs -- what you want is an eye-poppingly gorgeous OLED UHD TV, and Samsung's just managed to make the first one in the world. It'll probably be the most gorgeous-looking TV you'll ever see.

Unveiled very briefly and only in prototype form, so don't expect this on your Christmas list regardless of how many millions you've got in the bank, Samsung's apparently about the only company that can deliver something like this as its pushing super hard on its OLED screens research.

UHD is obviously the future of video content, now that we've jettisoned crappy 3D, and OLED is the future of displays, so to see the two combined in one TV is a hell of an achievement. Given OLED is capable of deeper blacks and better colour saturation than LCD, coupled with the insane detail only 4K can offer, should mean pictures are practically better than reality. At least, better than your reality, since you're not a millionaire or an A-list celebrity, right?

Samsung only fleetingly showed the OLED UHD prototype before cloaking it behind curtains again, but hopefully it should be up for a proper viewing later today. We'll get some eyes-on time with it once it's released into the wild and let you know whether you should start saving now.

Spitting out something closer to being on real store shelves, Samsung's also pumped-up its LCD UHD range with an astounding 98-incher (up top), which slots in between the 85" and the don't-ask-because-you-can't-afford-it 110-incher. Given that people are practically life-size on the 98-inch screen, you'll want this for the World Cup next year, although you might need to sell a kidney to get it.