See Sony's Xperia Z1 in Action

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Sony's Xperia Z1 is the company's newest and most powerful smartphone yet, combing the popular Android OS with Sony's hardware expertise to create one of the most lust-worthy pieces of hardware there is. And here's what it looks like in action.

The video demonstrates the sort of things you can't really discern from a tech spec sheet or photo of the phone by itself, illustrating Sony's custom features like the image stabilisation tools, the Z1's camera's low-light picture quality, the staggeringly clever live Facebook video transmission tools and more, all of which make the Z1 one of the most feature-packed phones there is.

Sony's Info-Eye augmented reality tool also makes a lot more sense when you see it in action. A photo of a landmark or book (or a blurry one of a bottle of wine) can be analysed by the Sony servers, with the network sending you back data on what your shot contains. It can also track your location and bounce back a list of nearby places of interest, should your phone decide you're clearly a bit bored and in need of extra stimulation.

The clip also demonstrates the Z1's clear image zoom, which lets you zoom into a subject without suffering any loss of clarity, something that's always been a problem with older smartphone cameras and their dodgy digital zooms. Plus there's a really nice, slow motion look at the chassis of the phone itself, while a reassuring man tells you all about how well made it is and how tough its tempered glass and aluminium body is. [Sony]