Six Contenders for Trafalgar Square Plinth Unveiled, One of 'em With MOVING PARTS

By Gary Cutlack on at

The cute little public art space in Trafalgar Square is opening itself up again for submissions, with a shortlist of six possible new works for the spare plinth now public. And one of them's animated, with some art lunatic proposing to exhibit two revolving robotic cones.

The complete shortlist of possible plinth-takers includes a giant bronze hand giving a big thumbs-up gesture (1), a horse skeleton with a share price ticker on its leg (2), a statue constructed buy mimicking elements of other objects in the square (3), a replica of some Yorkshire rocks (4), an abstract mask (5) and the pair of revolving cones (6).

Two will be chosen from this list, with the winning pair appearing on the plinth of fun in 2014 and 2015. To take a look at the prototypes yourself, a rather nice 360-degree tour of the gallery at St Martin-in-the-Fields is currently showing off the six ideas online. [Mayor's Office via BBC]


(1) Some sort of satire on today's approval-obsessed social networking culture.

(2) "Bankers are evil."

(3) Something about consumer culture running out of new ideas.

(4) Our London-centric media is denigrating other valuable parts of the UK.

(5) We are all losing our identity in the new digital era.

(6) I am clever and available for large-scale corporate event installations.