Sony Reminds Everyone PS Vita Still Exists With Slimmer, Cheaper Model

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's Japanese hardware team has just announced a reworked PS Vita, with the slimmer and lighter model set to benefit from a small price cut. Ideal for those planning a networked gaming dream come PS4's arrival.

The new PS Vita also addresses one of the big issues faced by the original machine, in that there's now 1GB of onboard storage included, so it'll be possible to pile into the indie gaming world on the cheap and without having to pay for a separate memory card. Sony also claims the battery ought to last for an extra hour in this one, too, plus it's switching out the current's model's OLED display for an LCD option.

The updated PS Vita will also be available in pink and yellow, which is how games companies traditionally signal their attempts to try to get more girls to buy them.

In a bizarre separate move, Sony Japan also showed off the PS Vita TV, a small networked media player that also has a PS Vita memory card slot on it. It's part set-top box and part console, letting users connect to a network and stream TV services and also allowing owners to play Vita games on the big screen.

Rather interestingly, Sony says you'll be able to use a Vita TV to stream PS4 games to another TV in your house. We're struggling to see a reason why anyone would want to do that, but it's clever technology all the same. [Kotaku 1 & 2]