Sony Mobile Promises to Cut Down on Leaks...Via a Leaked Poster

By Gary Cutlack on at

Clearly a bit annoyed by the way the new Xperia Z1 was leaked all over the internet for months before its actual announcement, Sony's mobile group is attempting to crack down on leaks coming from the company. Which it's doing via a poster campaign. Which has leaked. Oh the irony.

The Sony poster warns employees to ensure prototype devices are kept inside a camoflage cover, not shown to company outsiders, and asks that no public benchmarking tools are used to gauge performance. We'll see if this has any effect over the next few months, but the fact that someone's already taken a photo of the anti-leak poster isn't particularly promising.

Meanwhile, back in official world, Sony's now announced its (leaked) Bravia Smart Stick media streaming dongle. The press release appears to confirm the limited appeal of the device, suggesting that only "owners of Sony’s 2013 TV line-up" are able to use it due to the Google-powered streamer requiring an MHL port. [Xperia Blog, Sony]