Sony's Vita TV Gaming Dongle Might Appear in the UK After All

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's odd little PS Vita TV dongle, which lets users play portable games on their big living room tellies, might see a launch outside of Japan. A Sony man used the old trick of claiming that amazing interest in the machine has convinced it to change its mind.

In an interview with Engadget, Sony business boss Masayasu Ito said: "During the presentation yesterday, the European / American users showed a very strong response, more than we expected, and there has been a strong inquiry / request / demand that they want the product."

Ito added: "Of course we are thinking of launching in the EU and US, but in terms of timing we have to watch the timing and watch the environment carefully."

As well as playing Vita games on the big screen, the little which machine can be used as a remote play streaming device for PS3 and PS4, which for a converted yen-to-pounds price of around £65, is getting some gamers quite excited. [Engadget]