Tesco Clubcard TV Rips the Freebies out of Blinkbox for Tablet Users

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco's just launched something a bit niche in the Android world, with its Tesco Clubcard TV app letting tablet users view all the free content hosted on its Blinkbox service.

This means there's yet another way to watch BBC iPlayer stuff on your tablet, with Tesco claiming there are "thousands of movies" available and even ITV content to choose from in an entertainment emergency. Once logged in with your Clubcard ID there's even a bit of clever cloud syncing going on in there, with the system supporting playback across multiple devices and letting you pause on one and resume on another. It's ad-supported, though, so prepare for a wall of pop-ups.

Currently only compatible with Android tablets running version 4.0 of Google's code or above, the retail giant says a version for smartphones ought to launch soon. [Google Play]