The 233 Year History of the Bicycle In One Handy Chart

By Gizmodo on at

For those who live and breathe by two wheeled transportation, bicycles are more than just a way to get from here to there. The immediate, wind on your face freedom of pedalling fast is a feeling that just can’t be matched by wandering around, road-tripping, or pretty much any kind of public transport.
For their latest foray into in depth visual breakdowns, data viz wizards at PopChartLab have turned their attention to the design evolution of cycles dating back a whopping 233 years. Organized chronologically from top to bottom and colour coded by style of ride, the graphic gives a neat glimpse at how the styles have changed through the years. In spite of my avowed allegiance to my dear beloved road bike, there’s a bunch on there I wouldn’t mind testing out around town. Also, question: Has anyone out there ever tried a penny farthing?

You can purchase an 18”x24” print for $27 here.

The 233-Year History of the Bicycle In One Handy Chart