The Best Get Rich Quick Scheme? Selling Stolen Graphing Calculators

By Eric Limer on at

You're down and out. You need to make some quick cash. You're not opposed to criminal activity. What do you do? Cook meth? Nah, just sell some stolen graphing calculators out of state.

That was the plan a 27 year old woman and 33 year old man apparently had before getting arrested in Salt Lake City. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, their scheme was to go to Wal Marts, empty a large box (for, say, a car seat), fill it with graphing calculators, and just pay for what the box was supposed to contain on the way out.

They were eventually caught in August when they failed to check out of their motel on time and an employee found roughly £9,300 worth of graphing calculators in their room.

It's a totally ludicrous ploy, and Slate has pointed out exactly how stupidly hard it would actually be to unload all those calculators anyway. But at least we know two people who aren't complaining that graphing calculators still cost £63 in the states. Well, at least they weren't.

You can read more about their ridiculous scheme over at the Salt Lake City Tribune. [Salt Lake City Tribune via Slate]