The Cup, Not the Beans, Is the Most Expensive Part of Your Takeaway Coffee

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats covering the takeaway coffee market show that the most expensive component of your morning pick-me-up isn't the coffee beans that are flown all the way in from the other side of the world, but the paper cup your drink's served in.

We use the term "most expensive" advisedly, as the research claims that the beans used in your average cup of coffee cost just 8p, while the cardboard cups and their little plastic lid hats and stirrer accessories are supposed to add around 15p to the cost of each drink. The rest of your £2.85 outlay therefore heads straight off to the chain's Luxembourg head office for tax reasons.

But of course there are other expenses. Staff wages make up nearly a quarter of the cost of the average cup of coffee, plus there's VAT to pay, another 8p on milk and so on, leaving an estimated profit of just 13p for the shop on each seemingly expensive cup sold to consumers. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Coffee shop cups from Shutterstock