The Easiest Way to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter

By Leslie Horn on at

Scared to look at Twitter because you missed Breaking Bad last night? No problem. If you use TweetDeck, you can mute the show to live a blissful, spoiler-free day.

It's very simple if you don't already know how it works. On the far left-hand side of your TweetDeck client, click the Settings icon. Click that, then select the Settings tab, then select Mute. Under the Text content option, type in Breaking Bad. Then you should be able to avoid tweets with spoilers or recaps you might be tempted to read.

If you're extra paranoid, you can type in words like "Walt Jr." and "Skyler" and "DEA" and "bitch," or however specific you want to get with it. Once you're all caught up, it's as simple as going back to the Mute section of settings and hitting remove on the words you've blocked. Obviously, this tactic works for any spoiler, whether it's sports scores, Oscar winners, or another show you follow. Also, remember that this only works on TweetDeck, so if you're super paranoid, avoid opening your Twitter app or the main Twitter site. Otherwise, you should be good to go with these digital blinders in place.